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WiSport General Rules

  1. Approved helmets must be worn in all events.
  2. Race courses are open to traffic. All riders must obey all traffic laws and observe the yellow Line rule. Riders who disobey the yellow line rule may be disqualified.
  3. Aero bars are prohibited in all mass start events. Aero bars may be used in time trials only.
  4. Applicants age on December 31st of the racing year determines racing age category for WiSport points. You can join WiSport at any time, but you are strongly encouraged to sign up prior to the beginning of the season calendar. Registration forms are available online at WiSportCycling.org/signup.
  5. Approved helmets must be worn in all events.
  6. WiSport\’s cumulative points scoring system emphasizes participation. Points are given to everyone finishing, based on how they finished within their age category. Age categories for Best of 9, Best of Five in Road Races and Time Trials are listed below. The running total is maintained during the season for each member. Year End Awards are given out for each age category, based on total points received for your 5 best race events, or 9 events for Best of 9 (Time Trial, Road Race, and/or both), as well as overall participation points.
  7. Age Group points from Gran Fondo events will count towards the road race series. Race the Lake will now fall under Gran Fondo scoring.
  8. Age group points for all time trails and road races are given on a declining points system except for Gran Fondos. 50 for first in your age group, 49 for second 48 for third etc.
  9. Age group points for Gran Fondo events are given based on a 50 for first in your age group, 49 for second 48 for third and lower. A bonus of 5 points will be given to a rider that brings one non-member to an event. Multiple members may NOT claim the same non-member for the bonus. Only one bonus per member per event. Bonus points will be applied to Overall Points and Overall Road Race points competitions. Bonuses do NOT apply to any other competitions.
  10. Overall total series points awards (male and female) are based on a total of all (age category) road race series and time trial points in all events completed.
  11. In the case of ties in any WiSport points competition, a computer generated average percentile score will be used to determine placing.
  12. Members may elect to race a different length race course when a race organizer offers this option. WiSport will treat each distance as a separate event for all points and standings. In some cases, a race organizer may offer different distance options with restrictions based upon age, gender, or other distinctions. You must comply with any such restriction in order to receive WiSport points, except that you may elect to race a course which is longer than the one intended for your age/gender group.
  13. If you race in more than one age group start, you will receive WiSport points for only one of these races unless the separate starts are listed as separate WiSport events. If the race length options are not restricted by age or any other way, a rider may freely choose to race either distance. All the distance options will appear on the website Schedule page as separate events. The schedule page may change from time to time during the season with regard to these optional distances.
  14. Team Points are derived from the top four finishers in age groups at time trials and road races.

Adaptive Athletes

WiSport encourages the participation of ALL athletes. If you would like to explore membership in WiSport, we would love to have you. Classifications for competition will be added accordingly as interest arises.


New 2020 - We will open up an e-bike class is there is demand. There will be some additional rules:

  1. Riders must start at the back of the pack for a road race if there isn't a separate field start for e-bikes.
  2. E-bike riders are NOT allowed to draft or ride in a pack with cyclists that are not on e-bikes. This is for the safety of all.
  3. There will not be age groups. Categories will be gender based to start.
  4. New rules and guideline may and likely will be added with little or no notice.
We know that not all e-bikes are created equal. We will not make put any equipment criteria in place at this time. If we have sufficient partipation to make this an issue, we hope that our riders will take ownership and help create the needed guidelines.

Age Groups

Ultra Junior - short of legs, long on desire!
14 & Under
15 - 19
20 - 24
25 - 29
30 - 34
35 - 39
40 - 44
45 - 49
50 - 54
55 - 59
60 - 64
65 - 69
70 - 74
75 - 79
80 - 84
Additional Categories added as needed

Rules for Specific Competitions

Best of 5 Road Races and Time Trials

As of 2015, Wisport will no longer use the Best of 7 structure, requiring a racer who is predominantly a road racer to do time trials and vice versa.

The “Best of” Series will be separated into two individual categories:

  1. Best of Five Road Races
  2. Best of Five Time Trials

WiSport Members are automatically signed up for these two “Best Ofs” when they pay for membership

A member does not need to participate in TTs to be eligible for the RR series, or vice versa

The “Best Ofs” will still be in the already-outlined 5-year age increments

2020 WiSport Jersey Series

  1. Yellow Jersey – Awarded to the male and female rider who accumulate the highest points total for the season. Ties will be determined by head to head finish comparison and average finish in age group and field in that order.
  2. White Jersey – Awarded to the Junior male and female who accumulate the highest points total for the season. Only riders under the age of 25 will be eligible for this competition.
  3. Green Jersey - Awarded to the male and female rider who accumulate the highest points total in designated Green Jersey events (typically flatter courses).
  4. Polka Dot Jersey - Awarded to the male and female rider who accumulate the highest points total in designated Polka Dot Jersey events (typically hillier courses).
  5. Categorization of events for points categories will be posted before the season begins.


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WiSport is and always has been a volunteer run organization. No one gets paid. We do this out of our love of racing and this wonderful community of racer and friends. With sponsorship at a premium, every dollar counts. Every dollar that comes in goes into our to our prize fund and the year end banquet. All donations are accepted. If you wish to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please email us at WiSport@WiSportCycling.org.